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De Liebaart is a small group of people who are fond of the middle ages and are involved in so called "living history". We are active in researching, reconstructing and re-enacting daily live around the year 1302.

De Liebaart is convinced that it's much more fun to experience history itself instead of just looking at it or reading about it. We experiment with history and archaeology. We like having fun, but at the same time we search for solutions to those little, daily problems our ancestors had. We share the same passion for history and the same urge to reconstruct it in a most authentic way.

Living History

De Liebaart thinks historical correctness and accuracy are most important. Cowboy boots, knitted mail, nylon suits from the theatre shop and fantasy stuff are not allowed by us. Every piece of garment and tool is carefully researched. A new accessory can only be accepted if it is documented by at least two independent sources. This gives you a totally new view on the Middle Ages and in a few months you will learn a lot more than all those years in school.

To do this we consult museum catalogues, reports on archaeological excavations, illuminated manuscripts and scientific books on medieval history. Like this we obtain a double result. Our kit gets better and we learn loads of things on our favourite time in history.

De Liebaart wants to portray the Middle Ages in a most authentic way. This is our biggest difference with other so-called "Medieval" groups. Our approach is best described as "living history". This "Living History" does not mean that we try to reconstruct actual historic events or people (so-called re-enacting). It means we try to reconstruct actual medieval living circumstances in a scientifically researched way.

What de Liebaart doesn't get involved in are modern day "medieval" festivities around castles and such. We are not a showgroup and we can not be hired to add some colour to various touristic events. A serious museum-like environment is more our cup-of-tea, where our equipment can be appreciated to her true value.

De Liebaart

Our members are devoted to their hobby. The first year of membership is devoted to making a basic set of civilian clothes. This comprises a woollen tunic, a linen shirt and braies, a pair of hose and a pair of leather hand sewn shoes. Sounds like a difficult task, but all patterns are available to us and it really sounds more difficult than it turns out to be.

The group is structured around the presentation of the household of a late 13th century patrician from Bruges. Every member has his role in this household as a late 13th century inhabitant of the city. Apart from the master of the house, there are servants and other personel. High nobility has no place with us, while we think you can not possibly make a realistic presentation of that class. Our men-at-arms are infantrymen from late 13th century city militias.

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