Frequently Asked Questions

What does Liebaart mean?
That's explained here.

What is Living History?
Living History is the accurate presentation of daily life in a defined period of time.

What is Re-enactment?
Re-enactment is replaying an actual historic event.

What is Experimental Archaeology?
Experimental archaeology is reconstructing tools, utensils, clothing,... of a certain period in time using authentic materials and techniques, and using these just like people from that time would have done.

Are you historians?
No, we don't have certified historians between our members, but they would be most welcome to join. We do use the writings of historians and archaeologists as sources for our activities, amongst others.

Are the weapons you use real?
Yes they are. Our swords, goedendags, daggers, bows, lances and pikes are replicas of medieval weapons. The only difference compared to these old weapons is that ours are mostly blunt instead of sharp, out of safety considerations.

And do you fight with these weapons?
No. We're not a show group and we do not learn fighting techniques. Although we are very much interested in military aspects of our period, our main focus remains the daily life of the common town's people. That's why we perform our hobby more in a household atmosphere as opposed to a military one.

Where do you get your equipment?
We try to make our clothing and other equipment ourselves as much as possible, using medieval techniques and the right materials. Certain stuff is difficult to make ourselves, like for example a sword. But we know plenty of specialised craftsmen where we can buy them from.

Are you guys some kind of obscure nationalist group?
We only occupy ourselves with the history and living conditions of the people during the time around the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302. Although that was indeed a time of political and social turmoil, that has no consequences on our modern mindsets within the group. We are a strictly apolitical association and present day political tastes of our members are their personal business. De Liebaart does not follow any ideological trend and does not support any political movement.

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