The Chest of Courtrai - Picture 6

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The attack of the Courtrai garrison. A French garrison was trapped inside the castle of Courtrai and tried to force a way out during the battle. They were stopped by the town militia of Ypres. On the right hand tower the French flag is flying. Inside we observe a trebuchet. Three men-at-arms of Ypres are carrying falchions which proves that it was a very popular weapon. Also here we observe a buckler. This picture clearly shows that uniforms were worn. The Ypres townmilitia is known to have garded the castle and they wear tunics with a double cross on it, the communal arms of the town of Ypres. To the far left is a big shield (pavese) used during sieges, with two crossbow arrows sticking in it. A woman is lowered by a rope from the left tower, while a soldier is watching through a window. Above the main entrance a tonlet is suspended for an unknown reason, perhaps to let it fall on possible intruders.

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Chest of Courtrai.
Chest of Courtrai.

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