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For researches on the Middle Ages

Living History


Late 13th till early 14th century

  • Project 1300 is a Dutch-Flemish cooperation of people who like to work in a most authentic way around the year 1300.
  • Historia Vivens 1300 An Austrian group showing people around the year 1300.
  • Compagnia de Peon is an Italian group portraying a town militia in the late 13th century.
  • Marca Brandenburgensis A German group concentrating on the year 1260 in the Berlin region.
  • Familia Ministerialis A German group concentrating on the year 1280 in the Berlin region.
  • Rete Amicorum is a German Living History group, with amongst others a presentation of circa 1300.
  • Circa 1310 brings a presentation of German merchants from Cologne.
  • Volkelin A German group concentrating around the year 1250 in Germany.
  • Circa 1265 is an English group recreating the English baronial war. Some interesting articles.
  • Nick's Tregoz Household Nick is member of the same English group Circa 1265.
  • Kongshirden 1308 - Akershus A Norse group with an interesting site, but only in Norse!
  • Les Guerriers d'Avalon is a French group with a late 13th century presentation.
  • Tempora Nostra A German group reviving late 13th century life.
  • Nicolaus Vogt von Hunolstein is a German group portraying a knight's household around the year 1300.
  • Hippodromus A German Living History group concentrating on the year 1267.
  • Semper Fidelis is a German group showing a circa 1250 presentation.
  • Herbularius A German group bringing a late 13th century household.
  • Mensch im Mittelalter is a German group showing a mid 14th century household.
  • Berwelf A German group from Berlin concentrating around the year 1300.
  • Alt - Luxemburg is a German group concentrating around the year 1288.

Other periods

Adjacent links

  • Webieval Site in Fench providing a well structured overview of the medieval re-enactment scene.
  • Ceramics Paulus Florizoone If you are looking for absolutely the most authentic replicas of medieval earthenware, then this is where you need to be.
  • Kees Nieuwenhuijsen's site Kees is Dutch and he earned his spurs as Seneschalk of the LHO. You'll find loads of nice pictures on his site.
  • 't Scapreel The bureau of Medieval Advisor Henk 't Jong. For professional help on the subject.
  • A list of medieval reenactment and living history groups.
  • Tempus Vivit A German server for the medieval scene in Germany.
  • Histrenact A worldwide list of re-enactment groups and traders can be consulted here.
  • The Arador Armour Library A site that brings together people with an intrest in research and reconstruction of arms and armour.
  • The Armour Archive This too is a site for armour and reconstruction hints.
  • Marc Carlson's site Very informative site with among other things the famous "Footwear of the Middle Ages" pages.
  • The KCT Library Informative site with some good reenactment links.
  • Linkpage Middle Ages A collection of diverse links relating to the Middle Ages.
  • Mailing list 75 years is an email list of which I'm member too. On this page you can see what we talked about already and join up if you want to talk with people about everything concerning the period 1250-1325 in Europe.
  • The Chest of Courtrai Information on the Chest of Courtrai by Aimé Pauwels.


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